Vagina Dialogues: Episode 1- A 21st Century Afrikan Woman

by Ian Mangenga

In 1956 around 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings to contest the unjust pass laws that served to control the movement of Blacks in this here Azania, reinforce racial segregation and retain the country’s economic hubs as inaccessible spaces for Blacks.

60 years later we see women of colour boldly taking up spaces and reaffirming their presence and articulating their experiences in vigorous ways as was the 1956 march.

Therefore, in the spirit of the women of 1956 and the courageous ones that surround us today, we reveal the first episode of Vagina Dialogues. Through this series we capture the ongoing transgressions and micro-aggressions experienced by ordinary women.


Vagina Dialogues is a web-based short documentary series created and directed by Ian Mangenga. Each episode features two women that explore various contemporary social issues that affect young Black women through honest conversation. It is shot in various parts of Johannesburg, with the assistance of Ayabonga Cawe on camera, and mostly looks at the experiences of urban/migrant women.

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