Duly Performed: Michael Jacobs

by Thulasizwe Somdyala

Cape Town’s own Michael Jacobs released his Duly Performed EP recently which after listening to for about the fifth time brought a Suburban Bliss nostalgia feel to a nigga. Growing up that was the first show that introduced me to “white problems”. Mike J navigates through the fear of failure, disappointing his father, while affording to wreck a car, fuck women in dark alleys where more than pills are popped. White problems. The honesty is dark however; raw and real so a nigga feels it. I was intrigued to know below the surface, view the music from how the artist intended it to feel. So I hit the homey up but he had free minutes so he holla’d back- Vodacom sponsoring.

Album Cover (300x300mm) Suburban-Bliss

“It was meant to be therapeutic, now I have nothing else but music”. You opened up the EP with Sacrifice for Success. What’s the reasoning behind your EP sequencing? What journey are you trying to take us on?

MJ. The journey I guess which is the overall theme of the EP, is about the point which we are in our lives, 20-24 year old kids, where you feel this weight of expectation from within yourself and from the outside world. So opening up with Sacrifice for Success pretty much encompasses that theme and introduces you where my mind is at. Music really started out as therapy for me too until I realised that this is all I can do.

Dooope. “My worst fear is not to lose the hunger next year” what freedom are you trying to buy with success?

MJ. It’s for the freedom to be able to do what the fuck you want when you have money because that’s the reality. If you want to go overseas in a plane tomorrow, you can. If you want to make life better for the people around you, you can. You just get to do what you want. You can do music because that’s what you want. The more money you have the more you can accomplish.

“Modern day gods in the making” why are rappers preoccupied with praise from hater?

MJ. Good question. Let me think… Because you doing something so out of the norm it seems delusional and with music in general you just feed off energy of those who can actually make an attempt to make something happen. Then haters hate you ‘cause you doing something so crazy from like society’s perspective and that hate fuel’s you.

“Feeding off the pain, I glamorize depression” how do u numb the pain?

MJ. (laughs) Besides the things that are allluded to in the music, I guess I numb the pain through the music. The pain fuel’s the music so I always need it; sort of like this sick cycle where as much as I hate being in that dark place, I love it so much because it allows me to create the best possible music. As cliché as fuck as it may be, the best art comes from pain.

What’s that pain?

MJ. The pain is just everyday life.

Word. “3 white bitches tryna dance my nigga” you must be a boob guy?

MJ. (laughs) I think I am a boob guy, my lust for white women- awe. Lately white women have been on a come up with their big booties, I don’t know what their parents are feeding them. Must be that farm diet. (funny guy)

(laughs) “I live for being a villain, I encourage you to hate me” love this line. Who’s your favourite batman villain?

MJ. Ah that’s easy, Joker all day. Actually that line was inspired by the Dark Knight. Probably one of the greatest characters of all time, best Batman villain… Thinking about my best villain in movies in general, mmmmh… there’s two both played by Kevin Spacy- Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects and John Doe from Seven.


Fuck yea, Keyser Soze! Haven’t watched Seven though. Speaking of Kevin Spacy, have you been watching House of Cards?

MJ. Yea for sure son.

Goddamn. I’m addicted to that shit.

MJ. Aweee dude, I binge watch that shit. And what’s dope is that Netflix are like the first network to release a whole season at one go.

Niggas are not chopping that brick up, serving it straight. (laughs) “My vision got precision like my name is Zidane” if this were soccer where would u place your skill set?

MJ. Ah eish, I’m naturally a right back but that’s not very glamorous. (laughs) I’m trying to be an all round but not a jack of all spades ‘cause that’s a master of nothing. But um, I’d say I’m on my way to being a complete box-to-box midfielder.

So you could be in an Ether battle yet killing on the commercial side as well. “This the life that everybody want right” what dream have you been sold?

MJ. Seeing the stars from a young age; musicians, actors, living the life, the Hollywood lights. From quite a young age I was allured to the party life. Before you become of age you still think it’s so awesome and you so excited and can’t wait ‘til you get there. It’s not long ‘til you realise its bullshit, at least I did. That’s not to say I still don’t do it- I do all the time. But it’s so fake and it’s sad when you think of it at its deepest point like everyone is just there to escape because life is so fucked.

Fuck. That’s heavy… *Your call has been placed on hold. Please wait* EH! Rappers and their diva personalities. Guess my call wasn’t about the money.

So I waited until…

MJ. Yo, I think I put you on hold by mistake, hope you heard all of that.

No nigga

MJ. (laughs) well just alluding to what I meant. People work their 9 to 5 jobs or go to school, accomplishing nothing and then go out on the weekend to just forget about it; bring some excitement. Like what the fuck are we celebrating for? To me that’s pretty sad.

The system yeah and we trying to escape that. “Where we take it it’s up to u, I don’t know better” what’s the most powerless situation you’ve found yourself in?

MJ. (laughs) I feel like this is on some gay shit, I’m gonna feel like such a bitch nigga after this. But the most powerless situation I’ve found myself in… uuuuh yeah, the one that got away as they say. My ex-girlfriend from high school in America, where I used to reside. Guess the most powerless I felt was when I had to move back to Cape Town, was pretty hard to… No fuck it, we not gonna speak about this.

(laughs) Ncaaah askies. “We try to linger on” how will you be remembered?

MJ. I will be remembered by kids like me and they will feel like I represented them. People will be like when they went to my shows and when that guy was speaking it felt like he was talking about my life, he was me, he was a representation of me. Everyone who’s a fan of music, a fan of me, I want them to say I was a representation of us.


Holding one of the high ranking initials in entertainment, let’s see if he’ll be added to “anyone. Jacobs, Jordan, Jackson- acshun”

Twitter: @MothaCityMike

Soundcloud: Michael Jacobs

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