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  • High Five: Freedom

    i read somewhere recently that uTata uMandela once said that, “We went into prison saying we fighting for liberation. We came out and were told we fought for democracy.” uTata waphinda wathi, “Aluta Continua.” As we celebrate Freedom Day we must remember; freedom is only a price and not the change. It is the cost to […]

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  • Zulu Michael Jackson Trial

    by Nomaliqhwa Hadebe “Malumkoolkat Is A Problem, Ingkinga” Okamlumkoolkat had solidified his status as the Zulu Michael Jackson by the end of 2015. To many, myself included, this came as no surprise. Watching him perform live over the past two years, be it at clubs, sponsored events or concerts, his 30 minute performances undoubtedly were the […]

  • Identity
  • Bridging

    by Thulasizwe Somdyala Two Generations “We’re simultaneously more connected and isolated than any generation before us” – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh i was born eGcuwa and in 1994 we moved to my mother’s home in Mbizana, kwaNdunge. uMama subsequently bought a plot and built our new home in Margate. During the week we lived in Ndunge village […]

  • Health
  • Young & Depressed

    “One moment you’re the most likely to succeed. Next, you’re the charity case.”         – Sands Pusher There is something pleasant about dating the woman of your dreams, being perceived as successful and starting the rest of your life and living happily ever after. i still remember the moment well. It was […]

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  • Converse+Star= Andiswa Mkosi

    by Thulasizwe Somdyala Andiswa Mkosi has been expressing herself in different art forms of expression and has risen to Cape Town’s ceiling in the creative space. Short lady, with a clean no filter look, coupled with a chest filled with presence; you feel it when she speaks. Her knowledge is refined and i had the […]